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Author Topic: New to mach, machine won't move.  (Read 2614 times)

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New to mach, machine won't move.
« on: March 05, 2006, 12:05:11 PM »
Hello all

I just setup a K2 cnc router. I installed Mach2 with a profile .xml given to me by the manufacturer. Everything looks fine on the screen but I can't get the machine to move. I am using dc servo motors and gecko320 drives. The support page doesn't really tell my anything I need to know nor is there a troubleshooter section. Is there something I need to do? Is there any way to test my system? I would also like to know if I can use the Mach2 profile .xml to setup Mach3 after I get the machine running of course.
Re: New to mach, machine won't move.
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2006, 04:00:12 PM »
please go under the motor tuning page. Click on the graph for the X axis and press the up and down arrows. This should move the X axis...
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