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pulley ratio
« on: April 11, 2015, 11:44:05 AM »
I am really struggling master the pulley ratio setup

I have a chinese machine with a 9 speed gearbox.
the gear ratios are from 80 rpm up to 1600 rpm
I have installed an Omron MX2 drive which does a nice job of controlling
the motor revs when I use the S word in the MDI line - So that side of it seems to work nicely

Now i am setting the pulleys and am struggling to get the spindle speed to
do what i want it to do.

I am using standard screenset (1024.lset I think it is)
On screen are two boxes one says true speed . This box correctly
displays the speed of the spindle.
the second box displays the speed  as set by the S word in the mdi line.  
I have a tachometer and both DRO's  WERE  displaying correctly before i started to
mess around with pulley settings

please help with my understanding of the terminolgy on the pulley ratio setup

The drop-down is entitled "pulley selection"
first box is pulley no 1
second box is minimum speed - does this refer to the minimum speed of the motor or of the spindle?
third box is maximum speed _ again does this refer to the max speed of the spindle or the max speed of the motor?
the last box says ratio . I dont know what the gear ratio is  but i do know that if a certain ratio is selected
then when the motor is turning at 1500 rpm at that speed the spindle is 1245.
Now what do i enter into that ratio ?? And please show how you get to the figure.??

Stupid question ( I am sorry) but my mind is spinning at the moment

then there is a box which says "reversed" a tick in this box doesnt seem to do anything --I still have to
use an m4 to get the motor to reverse.

thanks all
think of the trees-- use both sides of the computer paper