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Author Topic: Mach3 lathe, SS USB, FRO on mach screen is very slow to actually mod feedrate  (Read 1516 times)

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So, I have been just dealing with this for several years, but it seems that this should not be happening.

When I am running gcode in mach3 lathe through a USB Smooth Stepper, and I am at a feedrate specified in the code, sometimes I want to speed up or slow down the FR. Seems like the FRO in Mach3 would be the thing to do. It works...but takes up to 45 seconds to become implimented. Seems to me it should react much faster. I dont know if its a buffering thing, a SS thing, a delay till a next line of code with a F value...etc. no Idea.

Any thoughts?
Isn't a large read-ahead part of what's desireable about a Smooth Stepper?

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I believe the FRO is something that the SS has to deal With  Contact Warp9

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K. I have posed this Q in the Warp9 forum.