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Delta VFD-E help
« on: March 20, 2015, 10:22:16 PM »
Long time machinist, first time CNC build.
I'm doing a CNC conversion on a Grizzly G0752,
Main board is a C10, using a C41 to control spindle via the VFD using PWM signal to front terminals of VFD. I'm able to turn the spindle on/off and FWD/REV using Mach3 and M3, M4, M5 commands, but I'm unable to change RPM. If I wire the PWM to the 10v input on the VFD I get min RPM and stall. If I wire it to AVI, I get max RPM only. I've confirmed that I have the 0-10v PWM signal at the VFD terminal and that it changes with RPM commands from Mach, so my assumption is that something isn't right with how the VFD is processing the PWM signal. I got a manual and a Delta LCD keypad for the VFD so I can easily change parameters, but I have no idea what to change nor what to change it to.
The G0752 changed RPM via a pot on the front of the machine that was wired to the VFD via 3 wires, 10v , AVI and ACM .The C41 only has 2 wires, PWM and ground. (aside from the relay wires, which work correctly for FWD/REV) . The presence/absence of the PWM signal is what turns the spindle on/off and that works via Mach3, so the signal must be getting to the VFD. Why can't I change RPM? Please help .

I tried attaching the manual as a PDF , but the file size is too large. Here's a link http://www.deltaacdrives.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/VFD-E-User-Manual.pdf