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Author Topic: Help: Really Weird Homing Problem  (Read 1170 times)

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Help: Really Weird Homing Problem
« on: March 06, 2015, 06:23:40 PM »
So I'm fresh out of ideas on how to fix this.

My home switches are not registering when undergoing the 'Ref All Home' command.  I'm really confused at this point and could use some help.

A few more details:
    All home switches work and show up in the diagnostics screen when triggered.
    If the stepper motor power is turned off, the 'Ref All Home' process works just fine.  I can manually press the switches (the motors are not actually moving), and it works just fine.
    If the stepper motor power is turned on, the program doesn't recognize the home limit switches (but it still shows triggered in the diagnostics screen)
    If the stepper motor power is turned on, the program chooses a different sequence for the home limit process (Y-Z-X if powered, Z-Y-X if unpowered).

I'm using NO contact switches, a C10S breakout board, and a USB smoothstepper.  I have the NO contacts in pins 11-13, with 5V signal.  I just upgraded to the C10S breakout board and new electronics enclosure.  I was using a Chinese breakout board previously with no issues with the NO switches.

Any thoughts?  I'm at a loss for how to resolve this one.  My leading cause at this point would be noise, but I'm doubting it because I can still see the signal registers in the diagnostics screen.
Re: Help: Really Weird Homing Problem
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2015, 09:03:32 PM »
If anyone has the same issue - it is caused by noise. They must have coded something to prevent noise from accidentally triggering a hit and this is a side effect. 

I applied a 2ms filter using the SmoothStepper and everything works fine.