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Re: Cuts are flipped
« Reply #10 on: February 28, 2015, 06:29:09 PM »
A axis is chuck on the right and tail on the stock left side, exact same directional setup as my Syil. A + direction on my Syil is it comes under towards me and over the top away from me, this machine, same way. All the jogging and dro directions are moving in the correct direction but the image is upside down. I just completely uninstalled and deleted everything. Reinstalled, entered all inputs, manually jogged correct, did a green screen measure test of 1 inch on x, it cut 1" to the right correct.
  Somehow I lost the imaging on the toolpath screen so now I just see an invisible rod and a thin line on top. I ran a 9 min test cut and darn thing still upside down.

Hmmm...ok, now I am thinking about that...in 30 min my Syil finishes a run. I will double check the a axis directions, compare the two, just in case I had an idiot moment.
Re: Cuts are flipped
« Reply #11 on: February 28, 2015, 07:14:05 PM »
OK! Logic (or my logic :; ) says a+ is over the top away from me...but nope. I hit a button jog on my Syil and it went over the top towards me. I checked the new machine and it was wrong. Just 1 click of the button, soft limits reverse a off and the line on the toolpath screen jumped under the invisible rod. I fired up the 9 min run and in 5 min I could easily see it was cutting correct.  You know, big props to people like Syil that have the brains and spend an extra 5 seconds by giving you the xml file on their cd!! Why can't china do that??
  Big thanks to you Ger21 for getting me to the solution!!

Now ....maybe you can also help, but if not it isn't to important. Earlier the toolpath window showed a translucent rod, a line across top of rod (which I now know belongs under the rod) and it showed the actual image on the rod as a series of lines around the rod.  Now I only see the translucent rod and line below. Is there a way to get all those toolpath lines back that resemble the image I am cutting?