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mach3 gone
« on: November 30, 2014, 04:20:48 PM »
hi everyone thi maybe a long post so please bear with me
i have a 2008 cam wood wr404 bought new and love it
my issue is this my dell desktop crapped out last night without a hint of trouble after 6 years of great work never even a single glitch
after going through all the tests i had to replace the hard drive
now for the reinstall of the mach
i have (2) html files i belive 1 maybe the original mach3 and the newer dated very close to the time i bought my machine
i am in hopes that cam wood will give me a copy of my license # and be able to re install it
so all that being said are the html codes basically my specific machine parameters ????
if so how do i go about incorporating them when i download a new copy of mach 3 ???
i am running vista and through one of the things i read my version of mach3 was1.87any help would be great