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Author Topic: Please help with CNC 3040 machine motors not moving  (Read 2924 times)

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Please help with CNC 3040 machine motors not moving
« on: November 23, 2014, 05:48:23 PM »
Hi All,

As you might be aware, I am new to CNC ( 3040) and Mach3. Have been able to set everything up now, but after following a tutorial on how to update the ports and pins and motor tuning, I am able to produce a sound as if the motor would be moving, but the actual "drill piece" is not moving at all while I press the up/down arrow keys on the keyboard. The machine was ordered on ebay from china and did not come with instructions. Couldn't install the software from the CD, tehrefore I downloaded the Mach3 demo to start thuings off before I buy the actual version.
So I tried a few numbers on the motor outputs that I could find in the tutorials online, but without any luck on getting the motor moving. Same thing keeps happening - the machine makes the sound as if it is moving, but not actually moving at all.

Any ideas?

Thank you for your time.

Re: Please help with CNC 3040 machine motors not moving
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2014, 07:05:51 PM »
Hi Lisa:

Welcome to the Mach3 forum.

You need to post more information about your controller; 3040 is only a generic reference to the table size.
Brand name of the Controller box;
Model #;
Driver type and #;
Motor #;
and anything printed on the Mother board inside the control box.
Also, you might try going onto Ebay, and/or Google to locate the same machine. One of the vendors might have the user manual available for download.

There a lot of 3040 router/engraver machines out there, so someone with the same machine may read your post, and fill in the blanks. It is just a matter of Mach3 having the right pin numbers for step/direction for each axis, plus getting the motor tuning right.

While waiting, you could guess at the pin numbers, and see if anything moves. I have the Manual and pinouts for a TB6600HG 4-axis controller; the X step is 2, X dir is 3; Y step is 4, Y dir is 5; Z step is 6, Z dir is 7; A step is 8, A dir is 9;  EN is 1; PWM is 16, Spindle relay is 14.

All the port #'s will be 1.


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