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Author Topic: cannot shut off flashing onscreen reset button with mouse or keys on xp machine.  (Read 2812 times)

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I dusted off an old xp machine to run my cnc router.  When I installed the mach 3 software, it installed ok, but I cannot get the reset button onscreen to shut off, so I cant do anything else.  Any advice?

Thanks, John

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Go to Config > Ports and Pins > Input Pins, and toggle the active low setting for the Estop input.

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I have had a similar problem to where I could not access any of the controls. The problem was (and still is) is that there is a dialogue box open but it is hidden by the Mach 3 Window. To resolve the issue I need to open and close another window (File Explorer or similar) and the Dialogue Box is then brought into view. I still have this issue but it is overshadowed by a current problem.

The dialogue Box being open but not accessible is problematic as the focus is on the open box and not on the Mach3 Window.

 Hope this helps

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gerry, that seems to have worked for that problem with this computer.  Thanks, JWL