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Author Topic: Software Great, CNC Machine doesn't move  (Read 7601 times)

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Software Great, CNC Machine doesn't move
« on: November 08, 2014, 11:04:05 AM »
I bought a big, heavy-duty Chinese cnc machine. It came with type3 software. I couldn't interpret the Chinglish (minimal) documentation so I bought a USB2.0 MACH3 USB Card XHC-MK4, this one. I bought this new card thinking I could get tech support with it. I even paid an extra $50. for tech support. But I'm not so sure it will be coming.


I see $50. breakout boards. I thought this was a good quality one. I also bought a power supply from this vendor and a copy of Mach3 software. Then hooked it all up. When I try to jog one of the axes is the Mach 3 software it shows movement on the screen, but the machine doesn't actually move. I really need to get this machine going soon. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can get the computer to actually talk to the cnc machine?? I can't figure out why it won't move. Can anyone here help diagnose or recommend a consultant or whatever. I am in Durham, NC, skype? phone, chat, :-[ email, help please!

Hopefully I won't have to replace more hardware. But bottom line is I need to do whatever is necessary to get this machine working. I have tried it with a 64-bit Windows 8.1 laptop and also with a 32-bit XP SP3 desktop. I see the drivertest.exe at 2.2.1 at:

is that supposed to help diagnose with a usb connection or just a parallel port connection.

Friends, I'm feeling kind of desperate. I'm not sure where to go for help. ANY and EVERY sugggestion would be greatly appreciated. I am not a total dunce, I've build half a dozen computers and successfully used a shopbot cnc machine for a decade, but no longer have it.

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Re: Software Great, CNC Machine doesn't move
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2014, 11:30:55 AM »
Have you installed the plugin for the motion control card you purchased?
Do you have all the ports and pins set correctly for your motors?

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Re: Software Great, CNC Machine doesn't move
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2014, 11:42:58 AM »
plugin for the motion control card? None apparently came with it. It is not generic in that it says Mach3 right on it. I'll ask the vendor, Automation Technologies about the plugin. Wonder where/how else I'd check. Then the ports/pins, maybe they're on the stepper drivers(?) They would be set however they came from the factory. I'm happy to reset/check/tweak whatever, but who knows where could find instructions.

I assume the stepper drivers work, but if I had to I'd even replace them. That's why I replaced the control board because I thought I'd get tech support with it.
Re: Software Great, CNC Machine doesn't move
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2014, 12:09:06 PM »
Looks like you have to follow these instructions from their website exactly before anything will work.  Surely it came with an instruction sheet?  Good luck with it, you'll get there.

Setup Procedure:

Install Mach3 Software if you haven’t already

Insert Disk

Plug in ‘Mach3 Motion Card’ using the supplied USB cord.

Computer will then search for and install the necessary drivers. May take up to 5 minutes.

 Open the disks’ contents and locate the folder, “USB card driver-v2.35”, and open it

 The NcUSBPod.dll is the card driver. Please copy it to the Mach3Plugins directory (C:Mach3Plugins)

 The Mach3MotionControlCard.xml is the Mach3 configuration file, please copy it to the Mach3 directory (C:Mach3)

Now open Mach3 Loader and select Mach3millUSBMotionCard

Mach 3 will now open and ask to select a plug in

Select “NcUsbPod-XHC-Mach3-USB-Motion-Card”

You should now be able to run your machine

One more thing:

Close out Mach3 and go back into your C:Mach3 directory

Go back into the CD contents and open “USB card driver-v2.35”

Copy the file “M930.m1s” to C:Mach3macros Mach3MotionControlCard

You are now complete
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Re: Software Great, CNC Machine doesn't move
« Reply #4 on: November 08, 2014, 12:46:20 PM »
hi Dickey,
You're awesome. I just discovered that about the same time you posted it.

The Mach3 software didn't come on a disk. I was direct to download it here:

I installed it, but the card driver, NcUSBPod.dll, isn't to be found in the Mach3 folder.

I googled NcUSBPod.dll, but not sure I've figured out how to find it yet. I found this page which may be the manufacturer. This page is mostly in Chinese, I'm downloading a 72mb thing now from there which seems like it might include this dll. It's a 2-hour download. whew.

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Re: Software Great, CNC Machine doesn't move
« Reply #5 on: November 08, 2014, 01:02:32 PM »
oops,I'm an eediot. just stumbled across the download at the bottom of the product page at Automation Technologies. The dll is in there.