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TLOsetter Feedback
« on: November 08, 2014, 08:30:51 AM »
With all the work that goes into designing and prototyping a new product, it is really gratifying to receive positive feedback.

We would like to share a recent testimonial we have received on our TLOsetter, v 2.1 after we developed a version compatible with the Tormach ®Digital Probe which operates in the Passive Mode.

To:  CNCneeds

I have been using Tormach's┬«  digital probe successfully for quite a while.  I recently supplemented it with CNCneed's TLOsetter, v 2.1.  Once you have one, you will wonder how you got along without it.

Since the TLOsetters  come with software that automatically enters the TLO data directly into your tool-length table, there is no more possibility of  misplaced decimal points or operator error.  A few clicks is all it will take before you are back making chips.

Prior to the TLOsetter, I would have to run back to my office, get out my granite surface plate and z-height gauge, measure the tool, write down the number and the run back to the machine and enter the data.  Now I just load the tool and use the TLOsetter.

It has saved me hours in just the last few months.

I use the TLOsetter, v 2.1 for every new drilling, tapping, reaming and roughing operation I run. It has proven itself to have a repeatability often much tighter than +/- 0.001 so only on the most crucial operations, do I feel the need to double-check the results.


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