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Author Topic: hello daft question..... can I run 3 12 volt fans inseries and feed them 36 volt  (Read 1434 times)

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can I connect 3 fans in series 12 v 12 v 12v and feed them with a 36 volt switching powers upply?

also can I affix said 60mm by 60mm by 28mm server fans directly to the heat sink of my mini tb6600 drivers

I have breifly connected the fans up and they do 'work' i.e. they spin, but will they last?
the fans are 12v and .6amps

also will the motor interfere with the driver chip if its directly fitted to the driver or at least touching it

also i am 3 axis - the power supply is 36 volts and 9.7amps, the three outlets each go to x , y and z
I plan on connecting the fans to the z axis's terminals - is that correct?
the drives will be given 2.5 amps each if that makes any difference.....

IF YOU LIKE I plan on fitting the fans direct to the case sides and milling  vents into the sides 'like a server' then placing the drives to the fans and blowing out the heat.

do you need a picture?

also, i am running 7 core 1.5mm cy cables, 4 for motors 1 for a groundy type thing, my concern is - is 1.5mm cored cable too heavy for a limit micro switch.
on my other machine the cables for the switches are thinner and don't run in the main cables, they are 1.5mm core with the ground in them and the switch cables are real thin, as its going to be a plasma - i wanted them inside with the motor wires i think?

and lastly - ferrite rings on the mains wires before the psu, asm I correct in thinking I wrap the live and neutral around 2 ferrite rings and the earth has its own one, do I need to loop the wires around once or twice?

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