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x axis problem
« on: September 25, 2014, 09:10:47 AM »
 Good morning controlnumeic people!

Let me tell you that I 'm trying to operate my new cnc machine and I 'm having trouble to set it up.

The Y axis control run perfectly even size and works 10 points, but I have not movement of the x-axis.

Specifically the problem that I have is that I can not move the x axis in any way

I did a lot of tests and had discarded mechanical and electrical failures because if I connect the x axis driver to z output of the control board I get movement. Until here everything would indicate an electronic fault in the x output of the control board, but if I leave everything connected to the x output of the control board and uncheck the “max cl mode enable” into the “port setup and axis selection” both axes run successfully but at very low speed and can not find how to upload speed without compromising the precision of the machine due to the small number of pulses per motor revolution

I am using a  CSMIO v1 control board manufactured by  CS-labs and even comes with a file.xml and a  .dll file, and is supposed to where it belongs installing them should not have to configure anything, just tune the engines.

Whoever can bring me an idea will be well received !! , and remember a bad idea is better than nothing !!!

Greetings to all the community