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Author Topic: AKZ250 motion card Spindle PWM, how to setup?  (Read 5222 times)

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AKZ250 motion card Spindle PWM, how to setup?
« on: September 18, 2014, 01:21:29 PM »
    I bought a 3 axis cnc machine early this year, the breakout board came with this machine was a AKZ250 motion card. This few days the spindle failed for some reason, the spindle spins but not according to the speed indicated in MDI, eg. M3S1000, so I went on looking for clues and try to solve the problem. From AKZ250 PWM terminal is connected to VFD's AVI terminal, Ground of AKZ250 to VFD's MCM terminal, AKZ250's Output1 to VFD's FWD.

In mach3's setup:

In ports and pin ---> Motor outputs----> Spindle, I was told the pwm is coming from the USB, so no need to tick spindle, is this right?

The up and down arrow does not seem to work, how do I make this to work?


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