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Author Topic: Screen, Screen Designer and what I now think I know  (Read 1660 times)

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Screen, Screen Designer and what I now think I know
« on: September 12, 2014, 11:28:39 PM »
I have been resisting learning about screens, the learning curve for this hobby is steep. CAD, CAM, Mach control and G_Code. I just did not want to learn one more thing. I have been reading this forum for some time and kept seeing Screen were the answer to many problems/Question.
I did not know what is was, now I do. I am going to post a little of what I learned.

There are 3 Screen designers at http://www.machsupport.com/software/downloads-updates/screensets/ , They make changing a screen almost like writing a Macro. I ended up using  Klaus’ MachScreen program. I use the Mach3 .set file as a base, I made a couple backup of the 1024.set file so I could always get back to what I had. I down loaded Klaus’ MachScreen program then open it. Watch the video on how to use. Open one of the backup files I made. I decided to add a page instead of modifying the pages that came with the program So with Klaus’ MachScreen program open there is a flyout menu that has lots of information on it. All your inputs  are done here. Select the down arrow on the "page" box  and sel page 0 ( note what pages are being used). This page 0 has all the global stuff on it that will be seen on all pages. I added a button to the right of the Dianogtic button. By useing the flyout menu, clicking new in the "page" box and the next page that was open was 11 so I added page 11. Next I went to the "control box" down arrow clicked on the button, then click "add" and then click in the graphic area and a button will appear that you can then move or size to what you need. Now at the bottom of the Flyout menu there is a box that is label button this is where you can make this button do what you want. In the "Text on ctrl" you can label the button. Double click on the "function" and all the thing that this button will do are listed. Pick "screen select page 11". Make sure "global" is marked yes. Position the button where you want it. I moved the mode over to the right and placed it to the left of it. Save the changes you have made. In Mach3 sel the "View" pull down "load the screen" add the file you have just change. You should now have a new button where you added it and if you sel it you should have a blank page except items that were on page 0 that are global. You should be able to sel any of the other pages to get back to old screens/pages. I then in Klaus’ MachScreen program pull up the pages that had the operation that I wanted on my new page and copied them.  Note the code number as it is easier to enter then finding the function name. Also note the name on the top of the box to see what you are adding, like DRO, Button LED,ect.
It was that easy.