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Author Topic: Setting offsets from G-Code and other settings & Other Questions  (Read 2466 times)

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This is newbie question for sure but I'm going to ask anyway...

I have a piece of G-Code I use to create bridges for customers, works like a charm, it's been refined over many many samples and production runs. Now I want to remove me from the process and by that I mean the following:

Today I enter in the X,Y and Z offsets for the program, all my bridges share a common set of offsets. What I would like to do is have the G-Code set those offsets for me, since they don't change it would remove my fumbling fingers and make it quicker to turn out bridges (it's all about removing the human mistake maker :) ).

I see the G92 command but is that what I should be using? Today I do a reference home before I set the offsets, but I don't see a G Command or M Code to do that, did I just miss something?

Also in the previous version there was some problems setting tool change coordinates, has that been addressed in the latest version?, I'd really like to set a reletive tool change position and have the gantry go to there when I need to change tools, today I just re-reference home to make sure the machine is 'zeroed' if you will.



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Re: Setting offsets from G-Code and other settings & Other Questions
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Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forum.

The G28 command is used to send the machine to zero return :-

G28 Z0
G28 X0 Y0

To set offsets in program you should look at G10 or you can use # commands

G00 X[#1+#2]

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