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Author Topic: Boxford TCL gathering all the info  (Read 1655 times)

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Boxford TCL gathering all the info
« on: August 12, 2014, 11:25:01 AM »
Hi Folks first post  here.

I am  totally new to CNC and Mach3  so please forgive my ignorance.
I   bought a TCL125 as  I thought it  would be  a good way  to learn about converting it to Mach3,
I have searched and scanned through the forums and  there is a lot of info  about converting such a machine  but it is fragmented  all  over the  place.

So far I have  purchased one of the Chinese TB6560 box sets  with display  and keypad and 3 x  nema 23 steppers.
I have the nema 23 driving successfully driving x, z  and the A axis ( tool turret) can  be controlled manually from Mach3.
Spindle and  e stop are still on the TCL  board.
So  far  can run a  wizard and cycle start a program successfully, ( although I am still getting my  head around the  coordinate system )

So things to do are
Set  up  limit and home switches
get a macro controlling the ATC
get the spindle controlled  from mach 3 (index and speed)
get the TCL panel controlling mach 3 ( hopefully).

As I hope to  eventually get the TCL panel controlling  aspects of Mach3 I am going  to need  quite a few inputs.
From reading the  forums I have the  choice of Modbus , serial port or a second parallel port.
For a beginner what is the  simplest way ?...
 Can I do it with a second parallel port just using  the pins and inputs in  mach  ?

( I have a spare PCI parallel port card)

Any advice on the configuration and method of operation in Mach Turn  for a TCL would   be appreciated.
eg I presume that the tool  turret is  a rear  toolpost,  but if  i set it as such  is the spindle in forwards  or  reverse in mach 3 ? ( its  physically in reverse on the machine).

I am trying  to  document this build from start to  end, so  as to give a complete record all in one place. (from a  beginners viewpoint ).


Paul G