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Machine is possessed
« on: April 29, 2014, 05:41:18 PM »
Got one of the very few problems I have had with my machine. Yesterday, I was carving pine trees on some 2x6 cedar boards, and the machine at the finish of the cut just kept going farther than the end point. It did fine on the first board and then did that on the second. Then on the third try, it carved the tree too narrow. All this was done with the same G-Code file. Then this morning, I went out and thought I would try carving just a rectangle with inverted corners. Did the first board just fine again, then on the second try it started just fine. As it kept going, it appeared that it was carving deeper than it should. By the time I got it stopped, it had went almost half way down through the board. I'm fairly certain it's not the G-Code. I'm using VCarve Pro 6.5 and Mach3 controller software. I wonder if it could be my controller box or maybe a file somehow got corrupted in Mach3.
Any ideas or ever experienced this before?
Thanks Mike
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Re: Machine is possessed
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2014, 05:59:26 PM »
I'm guessing you are skipping steps because your motors are not tuned correctly or you have mechanical slip somewhere. Make sure you do not have a loose coupling, pulley, pinion, etc. and de-tune your motors by 50% and see how it does.

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Re: Machine is possessed
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2014, 07:26:45 PM »
By de-tuning, I assume you mean "steps per minute". I'm only running 30, and sometimes on certain things I'll run 35. I'll check it out tomorrow.
Thank you Mike.
Mike Kearns