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Author Topic: Can someone please explain tool diameter + 2 x Corner radius. error  (Read 4402 times)

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I am trying to cut a semi oval pocket in the mill wizard.

Length            6.75''
Width             2.75''
Corner radius   1.374''
.375 4 flute Hss tin coated endmill

I get a invalid entry" Width must be larger than tool diameter + 2 x Corner radius". Please help me understand why a 3/8'' endmill cannot cut a 1.374'' radius arc. Is there a way to disable this warning. It would be great if it just warned you instead of not allowing you to make the cut. The warning could go something like "Hey, you are attempting a tool path That may leave a undesirable finish. Would you like to proceed? Yes/No." Can someone please help me understand this feature. Dont get me wrong, the mill wizard is pretty handy for some quick and dirty parts but there is a couple of features that drive me crazy. Thanks in advance for your help.
Re: Can someone please explain tool diameter + 2 x Corner radius. error
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The problem is your corner radius makes the end of the rectangle to be exactly round. The way it generates code there must be at least a short straight segment between the corners. Make the corner R just 1 thou less and it will work, with a 1 thou straight segment between them. I bet you cant see the straight segment.