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Load settings from XML file for
« on: February 26, 2014, 02:41:10 PM »
Hi all,

I am working on a plasma screenset, and looking for some way to easilly load settings for each cut.
With a cnc plasma cutter it's important before starting the program that you make all the correct settings
Ignition distance, pierce distance, piercedelay, cut height, torch voltage, cutting speed, kerf offset (G41), etc etc.

Is there some way to make something that let you fill DRO's with information from a XML file or something.
Like some dropdown box or some list where I can select a cutting parameter set, and a button that loads all the corresponding settings.
On professional systems like eckelmann and like burny 10 lcd for example it's standard. And there is even a option to send settings from that list to the plasma (if it has an autogasconsole), like gasses used, gaspressures, amperage, etc.

So I am looking for something where I can make a list like this, and put a name in front of each line, like "8mm Mild Steel 40amps". Only the names will be visible in the menu, and when you click it and click ok, the settings are loaded to the dro's they belong to and nothing has to be typed in manually one by one...
Or maybe I should make files for each cutting setting. So a file for 6mm Mild Steel 40Amps, 8mm, 10mm, etc. And that you can click a button to open a window to open a settings file, and then the settings will be in the dro's.

Any help or idea's would be very much appreciated. Or maybe there are some screensets that have something similar that I can copy and change a bit to my needs?

Best Regards,
The Netherlands
Re: Load settings from XML file for
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