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Author Topic: Controlling Hypertherm Plasma via ModBus  (Read 3251 times)

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Controlling Hypertherm Plasma via ModBus
« on: January 08, 2014, 04:54:25 AM »
Hi everyone;

We've build our own cnc plasma cutter and controlling it via Mach3 with smootstepper and panasonic servos.

Everything works fine.

What we want to do next is, to control the plasma generators current setting from mach3 gcode ( s command ) via modbus.

The protocol that hypertherm needs to receive on his Rs485 port is ModBus ASCII.

I've read here in forums that Mach3 do not send ModBus data in Serial/ASCII format.

My Questions :

1. Does it help if we use a ModBus RTU to ModBUS ASCII converter ( Hardware ) ?

2. If yes where can i find detailed information how we must configure and setup Mach3, so an S command in G-Code ( or some other way ) will send a given command ( it is cleared in the Hypertherm documentation ) to the Hypertherm RS485 port.

A lot of thanks in advance.