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Author Topic: Fixing the defects in the YOCNC(cheap) milling/engraving machines from China  (Read 5402 times)

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One of  the other members "helloagain" has figured out how to fix the controller boxes that come with most of the new cheap Chinese machines. Models include the CNC 3040 and CNC 6040 just to name a couple. Opening the controller box and looking at the parallel card in it should let you see if yours is one that can be modified to work like it should. Afer it is modified it will also allow for a USB to parallel port setup using a more modern computer to run the Mach3 software. The problems start with poor shielding and cheap wiring in them. The wiring needs to be replaced as well as some technical modifications to the parallel port board inside the controller box. Not replacing the wiring means that at some point in the near future you will be faced with dificult to diagnose problems with these machines. Basically you need to replace the three chips on the parallel port board inside the controller and replace two of them with different chips. The third one will be deleted and a jumper installed in its place. Along with grounding each input output to ground with a ceramic cap. Get the full details on how to fix yours at. http://www.cnczone.com/forums/chinese_machines/157193-experience_carving-computer-numeric-control_com_6040_router.html
As you can tell by the conversation in that link at one point YOCNC actually decides to try these modifications themselves. Spread the word as these machines problems or most of them can be solved with a little soldering, some new parts, and a little effort. All of the info can be found at the link above. If it doesn't work for you just go to www.cnczone.com and search member posts by member "helloagain". Hope this helps everyone out there.