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Author Topic: HARDINGE ATC TOOL MACRO HELP?? :)  (Read 1357 times)

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« on: November 10, 2013, 12:06:08 PM »

So I have a good tool change macro question.

This is what needs to happen, I have searched the forums and came up with nothing even close.

Here it is, operations in the tool change:

Call up selected tool (1 through 8 )
do nothing if at the current tool selected
if not at the tool then these steps must happen.

(lets say for example the tool is at tool position 2, and I call up tool 1)

move x0.2 z-0.2 (Machine coordinates)
Activate solenoid 1 (de activates lathe stop dog)
Activate solenoid 2 (pop up lathe turret)
Activate solenoid 3 (activates air driven worm gear and turns turret in only 1 direction)
Wait for signal from input 1 (no other input) (there are mechanical switches that all give off 5v once the rotary disc is in position, but input 1 means tool 1, input 2 means tool 2, input 3 means tool 3, etc. etc.)

Once it receives signal from input 1 (or  input 1-8 depending on which tool is capped for):
          Deactivate solenoid 1 (to stop the turret from spinning)
          Deactivate solenoid 3 (stoped airdriven worm gear)
          Deactivate solenoid 2 (drops turret into locked seat)

Update DRO and tool offsets

Return to program.

I know this is a lot to ask, but I don't have much tool macro experience and I would more than appreciated any help!

Thank you so much!


This is for a Hardinge CHNC II super precision lathe, I have 2 and I converting both. I will send pics when as I convert them.