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Author Topic: Need help on Dyna 2800 Mill Conversion to Mach 3  (Read 2075 times)

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Need help on Dyna 2800 Mill Conversion to Mach 3
« on: October 01, 2013, 07:42:21 PM »
I'am looking for someone on this forum who has converted a Dyna 2800 Mill from the stock control to Mach 3  and retained most of the Factory electronics. I would love a step by step and list of components. Is it doable at all? I've run into many hurdles with this and it is becoming overwhelming. I hope someone can help. I really don't want to strip out all of the electronics and start over as the machine has all it's limit switches, touch off probe etc. I also don't have a year to build and debug a brand new system. Hopefully someone here can help.

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Re: Need help on Dyna 2800 Mill Conversion to Mach 3
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2013, 12:59:52 AM »
   It is a wonderful machine.

   Not knocking here nor trying to offend, but this is more of a software use site. Have you been over to CncZone? Also join the Yahoo group (Dyna Mechtronics), it is not very active but does have some info.I do know there are a few people who have successfully been able to feed them Gcode with little to no modifications. Tbirdgreg over at the zone had a great website that told exactly how to do it but it has been pulled down for some reason (you might try pm'ing him).

   I personally have a 2400 and 3000. Both which run Mach but most of the electronics are long gone and now running Geckos or PMDX stuff. Had I known then what I have learned since, maybe the original stuff would have been fine. I couldnt find anything for a long time info wise.

  Barring any electrical problems already in the machine you would just need a breakout board, most likely you can feed it as is.
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