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Author Topic: KX1 Z-Axis looses Zero Datum Point  (Read 5402 times)

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KX1 Z-Axis looses Zero Datum Point
« on: September 25, 2013, 09:11:49 AM »

I have a KX1 that has been working quite well for the last 6 months, and recently I have been having the following problem:
At the end of some (perhaps 5%) G0 Z moves, the Z axis stepper will make a very prominent growling sound for about 1/2 second then the sound will stop. Then the machine will continue along it's programmed tool path as nothing happened, BUT the next G1 Z move will be a plunge into the part of approx 0.060" too deep, thus destroying the part. Upon checking the XYZ zero datum, I find that the Z datum has been relocated to approx -0.060" down from the initial setup zero.

No G4x or G5x codes or subroutines are used, and the G0 Z move when this problem occurs is in free air with no load. I've tried tuning the motor to an acceleration factor of 20 (up from 10) and a step setting of 5 (never changed). This seems to have resolved the issue, but I would like to hear from anyone with a similar problem.

Many thanks in advance,
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