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Author Topic: Anyone have a guide that goes from LinuxCNC setup to Mach3 setup?  (Read 2750 times)

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Anyone have a guide that goes from LinuxCNC setup to Mach3 setup?
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:00:32 PM »

Firstly, I did try to search for this so I apologize if I missed any previous posts.

I needed 4 axis support in both G93 and G94 modes and LinuxCNC doesn't support G94 and angular axis so I'm giving Mach3 a try in a dual boot. With all of the things that drove me crazy about LinuxCNC, configuring it wasn't one of them. Mach3's manual makes it sound as if I'm doing all of the math manually and the motor tuning screen is a bit perplexing at best.

My first run through the manual I did all the math to find the values but in the end I could never find where these numbers were to be entered! Its like finding the pitch of my ballscrews but then were do I enter that value? It almost sounds like I'm adjust the steps per revolution to somehow make the system work but then that doesn't make any sense if I'm doing microstepping at 4 or 6 as 10 creates resonance in my Z axis that cause premature stalling. So how does the driver know which microstepping I'm using?

So, new system and learning to set it up is frustrating and hopefully somebody has written down a shortcut to get poeple like me up and running as quickly as possible. If anyone has some tutorials for someone jumping from LinuxCNC to Mach3 it would be great!



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Re: Anyone have a guide that goes from LinuxCNC setup to Mach3 setup?
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2013, 10:49:46 PM »

OK, so not a LinuxCNC to Mach3 Rosetta Stone but a better explanation of what it is Mach3 is asking of me. Good enough!

Basically Mach3 has one field, steps per unit that I am concerned with. I manually figure out the differences based on my steppers, microstepping, ballscrew pitch, any pulleys and gears between them and use THAT value in my steps per unit...

I will check the spreadsheet here in a moment. Thank you for helping!