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Author Topic: Status window in Mach 3 reads...."Too Fast for Pulley...using Max"......????  (Read 8482 times)

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I'm new to CNC machine and also Mach 3.  I was running my first wood carving, and the Status window of Mach 3 says..."Too Fast For Pulley...using Max".
Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Go to Config >Pulleys and set the max to the max speed of your spindle.

The message is caused because your g-code has an S********* spindle speed command that is faster than the pulley max speed.

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Thanks for the information.  I  went to "Config > Spindle"...but not for sure what to adjust to make the max speed of the spindle.
Here is a picture.....okay, I guess I can't get the picture to show up on here..it just says....
I'll try and describe the window....it has "PID".....P is set at .25.....I is set at 1....D is set at .3.
it has "Control"....set at 0   RPM   0
4  Pulley number
control ratio 0

Not for sure if I'm even in the right window...says "Spindle Calibration and testing"
Thanks for your time.

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Config menu then Spindle Pulleys is where you set the max speed.

Be aware however that it will affect your spindle control so set it to the max of your spindle and not above or below. If your code is calling a spindle speed faster than your spindle can do then you need to edit your G Code or just ignore the error message.