Author Topic: How would you trigger a recripricating air operated dot peen marking head?  (Read 1717 times)

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So I have a CNC mill (Bridgeport) running mach 3, geckos, SS etc...

I just bought an TELESIS TMM4250 The marker does not have a controler. I would like to trigger the solenoids (piston extend) and (piston retract) using an output in Mach3.

I know how to have a solenoid operated with mach via an output, but I cant figure out a way to have the solenoids fire alternately and at a predetermined rate of fire.

How would you go about this? Write a script? ideas on what the script might look like?


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The digital trigger output pulses from the Impact / Laser plugin consist of two parts, an ON and an OFF with a maximum duty cycle of 50%.
Many have successfully used this plugin with electromagnets so I see no reason why it could not be used with an air operated solenoid.

This and other linked threads relate,20490.0.html

Hope this helps.

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