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Author Topic: Single-Ended Encoder?  (Read 10807 times)

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Single-Ended Encoder?
« on: July 22, 2013, 04:30:47 PM »
Hi There,

I'm setting up a HiCon 7752 with a 7775 Breakout Board and having a few problems getting Encoders working with it. I have (Easson) single-ended, linear glass scale on each axis and I'm trying to use Port K5 on the 7775 board to connect these encoders as this is the only port that accepts single-ended inputs.

The problem is that when I connect the encoders to this port the corresponding Encoder value in the HiCon Status popup starts counting at a frantic rate even though there is no motion occurring. I've checked the encoders by plugging them into my old DRO and they work fine there but no go with the HiCon board.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be?

Cheers and thanks,
Re: Single-Ended Encoder?
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2013, 04:42:54 PM »
Hello Sir,

First of all, K5 is a 3.3V standard connector, so please make sure that the voltage does not go over 3.5V.

For the issue of noise on the encoder channels, you can go to the Plugin configuration (Config->Config Plugins->HiCON Plugin). On the "system" tab page, try setting the encoder debounce to a higher value. To further reduce the noise, you may add 2.2K pull-up and pull-down resistors on the A, B, and Z signals.

Hope this helps.

- Marc
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