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Author Topic: migrate from Mach2 to Mach3  (Read 1397 times)

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migrate from Mach2 to Mach3
« on: June 16, 2013, 08:03:38 PM »
Hi Guys,

been using a small Denford cnc mill with Mach2.... after moving from one place to another (600Km) ... the cnc did not like it and did not work.  Been trying to set this since last december but... I now consider having a serious need of help.  I did try to upgrade to Mach3 with the latest rev... it is worst.  I am back with Mach 2 and so far what it is working is the spindle (speed isn't adjusted properly), axel X , Y and Z arn't moving and I am not able to move them manually... so there is power !. Coolant pump is working on/off correctly.

Can anyone give me a serious hand... step by step pls !

Thanks in advance