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Author Topic: making Cont. Jog as default?  (Read 1828 times)

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making Cont. Jog as default?
« on: May 23, 2013, 12:18:51 AM »
How can i make the change Continuous Jog as defalt; I have made to many crashes when I change from cont. to step jog mode & back -n-forth.....I'll forget to switch back to Cont. jog ,,,& when I do jog the amount I want, & I let off the button it keeps moving, I'll quickly try to hit esc key.. frustrated that I'm in the step mode.....  OK heres what I want to do,  when I do want to use the the Step Jog mode,  once it has made its move, I want Mach to automatically switch to the Continuous Jog mode..(I want to make it the default)     I have broken to many bits because of this.... Your help is very appreciated