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Author Topic: I would like to break up finish pass into 2 separate files, or is there another  (Read 1932 times)

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way to tell Mach3 to just do half the job and go back to the center line (zero point) and then finish the job the next day.  I have 2 files now. One is for the roughing pass, and one is for the finish pass.  What is the best way to break up the finish pass into 2 days.? I have a large piece to 3D carve that takes almost 13 hours to run, and would like to do half one day and half the next.
Any suggestions as to the simplest way to do it using Mach3?  Thanks in advance.

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Machining steps are best done in the CAD / Cam software.

Suggest you find a spot that suites you in the finishing gcode and manualy add a few lines of code to end the program and return the cutter to a known position (one which you can locate later on when you want to run the remainder  of that code). Thus manualy change and make two files from the original gcode finishing pass.