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Author Topic: INITIAL OEMDRO values in wizards  (Read 2970 times)

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INITIAL OEMDRO values in wizards
« on: April 08, 2013, 02:34:55 PM »
Maybe someone in the know, can fill us in better:
I could NOT FIND info on how the INITIAL OEMDRO values are set in wizards.
Here is what I suspect about initial OEMDRO values in MACH3 Wizard.
The wizard has both a .set and a .set.def file.  the .set.def file is BINARY.
I suspect that the wizard.set .def file holds the Wizard initial OEMDRO values, and
once set, cannot be changed.   This also makes them transferable with the Wizard.
However, the .xml of your Mach3 profile also contains the last saved values of OEMDROs.
These are saved by CLEANLY exiting mach3 such as with the exit command under file.
At that point, Mach3 will write the currently displayed OEMDRO values into profile.xml.
So if you change the OEMDRO numbers in your Wizard, they will now be in profile.xml,
(but will be overwritten the next time Wizard is run by the initial values in the wizard.set.def)
BUT, If you now (wizard not running) delete the .def file of the wizard, the next time wizard
is run, it will load the profile.xml OEMDRO values, and create a new wizard.def
with the new initial OEMDRO values in it.
Note that while OEMDRO numbers go from 1000, 1001, and up, the .xml
lists them as OEMDRO 0, OEMDRO 1 and up.
I suspect that the profile.xml can ALSO be hand edited via notepad with
a drag and drop of the .xml file into notepad.