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Relay Board
« on: March 29, 2013, 08:49:20 AM »
I got a new controller, the gecko g540.  I also bought a relay board from probotix. I have ticking with this relay board for two weeks.  I cannot get it to work.  So, with that said, i worked last night with probotix tech support (awesome guys) and gecko tech support, come to find out that the relay board from probotix's (and everyone elses i can find) is incompatible with the gecko g540.  The Gecko g540 switches to ground when the output is turned on.  Probotix and other relay boards i found swith to positive voltages (probotix's relay board looks for +5v to trip the relay).

So with that said, without having to build a second set of relays that switchs the voltage around so the probotix relay board will work, (this is what Probotix recommended)  is there any relay boards out there that will work with the g540 without modification???

Re: Relay Board
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Ray L.
Re: Relay Board
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That only has a 10 amp rating.  need atleast 15amps