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Need suggestions for PC
« on: March 25, 2013, 04:47:17 PM »
i've been using Mach3 on an old PC for some months; did a clean XP install and all was fine. Now the thing started giving me problems. Had to do a disk check since it was not booting; it booted again for a few days and today it won't boot, even after chkdsk /r. I can start in safe mode, and i have a backup of all the Mach3 settings and the posts.
I want to get the PC for Mach3 to be reliable, so i'd like to get some suggestrions as to what the better and cheaper way to go would be.
I'm thinking at either getting some newer components and a new HD on the case i'm using now, or get a mini PC, like a zotac.
Is a solid state HD a good way to go or would it be less reliable than a regular HD? I keep the room clean but it gets dusty at times.
I will ONLY have XP and Mach3 on it - NOTHING ELSE. I'm using a smoothstepper, so USB works fine - no need for parallel port.
Thanks for all the ideas,