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Author Topic: Problems with Mach 3 settings or? Only 999 lines of G-code will run, etc  (Read 3763 times)

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Hello.  I just bought a CNC machine (6040Z+S80), with Mach 3.
I have Vista windows in my desk top computer.
My "Y" motor runs once in a while for a few seconds, and then stops.
I've tested the motor and wires and they seem to be fine.
The company that I bought the CNC from says I must have messed up the settings somewhere.

The 2nd problem is that I tried to run the sample project labeled "roadrunner" and only 999 lines
out of the 4,470 line of G-code ran.  The same company said I must have messed up the settings somewhere.
Can anyone help me?
I would love to take a class on Mach 3 and CNC machines ....or find someone that could Tutor me on it.