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Author Topic: Licensed Mach 3 Stopped mid project.  (Read 2612 times)

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Licensed Mach 3 Stopped mid project.
« on: March 04, 2013, 09:46:59 AM »
Howdy all,
    I have a Gecko 540 running a 3 axis machine, and last night on the machines "maiden" voyage the program stopped at line 11,547... There was no error, no limit switch getting hit (wasn't near one anyways), no nothing.. Mach 3 just stopped running the program... I pressed my E-Stop (which is wired and tested) But Mach 3 didn't recognized that either.. It also wouldn't recognize Jog commands.  I restarted Mach 3 (fixture location saved), and the E-Stop started working, but Jogging still wouldn't... I then used MDI and was able to move the motors... At that point I was able to start the job from about 10 lines back no problem and finish the part (another 30,000 lines of NC Code)..

   Does anyone have any diagnostic steps I should take to figure out why Mach 3 just froze up mid program?  *its always stressful trying to restart a program mid way thru!


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Re: Licensed Mach 3 Stopped mid project.
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2013, 12:21:52 PM »
Hi Josh,

Welcome to the forum.

Try turning off the toolpath display (just above the Reset in the Diagnostics window) before you run any long programs.  ;)
(I think the problem may relate to graphics card capabilities but turning off toolpath display usually works).