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Author Topic: Advise needed, speed and feed in wood  (Read 1276 times)

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Advise needed, speed and feed in wood
« on: February 28, 2013, 01:08:49 PM »
Dear users,
I have a CNC machine that run on wood processing. The CNC, has a spindle which moves at 24,000 rev / min.

currently, I'm using a drill of 2 mm in diameter and I'm trying to set all process parameters. Step, step Z, cutting speed and speed of sinking.

I therefore ask you some advice or if you have tables to be collected, the data I need.

I have some doubts about the settings of cutting speed and speed Feedrate for drills that I use. I use cutters Hss, with 2mm diameter, 3 mm and 6 mm. I ask you to help set Art Cam.

currently, I am realizing of inlays for guitar-shaped opallino (called "dot") with a milling cutter 2 mm, on a sheet of maple 2.5 mm.

Since the pieces are numerous and have a diameter of 6 mm, are too small to be retouched manually with all the abrasive paper. so I need the highest possible speed and also I'm looking for the right balance between a good speed and a good final work, clean.
I have made several attempts, observing the parameters already set by the ART program CAM for drills larger 6 mm in the tool section.

Therefore, I have reduced the parameters dividing x 3, to obtain the data x that use the cutter, which is 2 mm.
For example, in ArtCAM for the cutter 6 mm, the pitch was 2400, I divided by 3 and I got the result of 800. I did so for the other parameters.
Previously, the file processing, had the following characteristics:
Step 0400
Step Z 1000
Spindle Speed ​​24,000
Cutting speed 8000
Sinking speed 1000

With these data in the first table, the work was too slow, so I tried to change it in this way:
Step 0700
Step Z 1500
Spindle Speed ​​15,000
Cutting speed 42,000
Speed ​​sinking 12,000

The spindle speed, is manually selectable with a potentiometer.

 I have to set to 24,000 or 15,000?

and the data I set at 24,000 or 15,000?

Currently is, with these settings the second table, the cut edges, leave a little 'bleed. The wood used is maple (hard wood, certainly more hard and compact plastic).

you could advise me of any value to be set?

the speed of affodamento should be the speed with which the axis z,

moves downward from the workpiece?

The material to be cut is maple and has a thickness of 2.5 mm.

Excuse me, and I thank you very much for all the help you give me.