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Author Topic: Wrong value in sx (allways zero) in MainPlaner->Movements in EX_DDA mode  (Read 1495 times)

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I am working in a movement plug-in in which I intend to use the ExternalType = EX_DDA mode to send 1 to 64ms movement commands to the external device.
For that, I am trying to take information form MainPlanner->Movements[] GMoves structures, but I am finding the following two issues:
-1st --> GMoves.ex to GMoves.ec are supposed to hold the end coordinates of this movement, but their values are allways zero. I am not so worried about that, since it can be worked around taking next move start point as current move end point.
-2nd --> Gmoves.sx , sy , sz , sa , sb and sc store start point of this movement. I have checked that this is OK for all axes, except for sx. For some reason sx remains allways zero.
I would appreciate it if someone can help or give some advice.
I am thinking in a work around consisting in that the plugin computes sx itself from the very beginning using the DDAs , but I am not comfortable with the idea of the accumulated error of that calculation, specially in long trajectories.
Thank you.