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Author Topic: My DRO's read negative dimensions when the table moving in positive directions.  (Read 6221 times)

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I just got back to using MACH3 and everything seemed to be okay.  My problem came to light when I was JOGGING and the the X & Y axis motions moved correctly. but the DRO's showed that the +X & +Y Jog were reading with negative values.  I cannot remember where this is controlled and need one of you guru's to set me straight. 

I say again the Jog buttons work correctly the X+ moves the table to the left,  the table is moving in the correct POSITIVE direction the DRO seems to think I am moving in the negative direction.  What did I do wrong?
Which is precisely what they should do.  In CNC-World, directions indicate the direction of movement of the TOOL, not the TABLE.  So, a positive move in the X axis will move the TOOL to the right, or the TABLE to the right.  A positive move in the Y axis will move the TOOL towards the rear of the machine, or the TABLE towards the front of the machine.

Ray L.
Ray L.
I understand the CNC concept, in my case the table is is moving to the left which is an +X direction as the tool is moving in the POSITIVE DIRECTION.  But the readout is giving me indication that the table is moving to the to the NEGATIVE Direction.

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Sounds like you have the keys assigned wrong and also the direction pins active state wrong.
If you go to Config then System Hotkeys you can click on the X++ and press the right arrow key on the keyboard, X-- and left key etc. That should sort out your jogging corresponding to the DROs in Mach but then by the sounds of it your table will be moving the wrong way so you will have to go into Ports and Pins and change the active state of the Direction pin to correct that.