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Author Topic: Not showing the whole Gcode  (Read 1724 times)

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Not showing the whole Gcode
« on: December 14, 2012, 08:06:04 AM »
I have been trying to cut a 3D puzzle of a dump truck that I downloaded. First time I used someone elses file that already had the Gcode file. When I loaded into Mach3  many of the parts were missing.
SO I figured it must have been a bad file. I downloaded the original & laid all of the parts out myself set it all up and found the plugin gplot for sketchup. The gcode was correct when plotted.
So I loaded it into Mach & found the same problem.
The missing parts are in the middle of the cut area, so it cant be a problem with the size of my table or parts.
I dont know where to start...

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Re: Not showing the whole Gcode
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2012, 08:52:19 AM »
Do you have a Mach3 license? If not, Mach3 will only display 500 lines of g-code.

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Re: Not showing the whole Gcode
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2012, 09:15:06 AM »
That would definitely explain it. I do not have a lic & I'm running 4500 lines of code.
Ill try some smaller files to continue evaluating Mach3 for a bit.