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Author Topic: HSMWORKS MACH3 problems  (Read 3660 times)

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« on: December 12, 2012, 04:29:37 AM »
Hi can anyone help me with this problem...
When i make a model and do a simulation in hsmworks, everything works perfect, but when i have made the g-code with postprocessor for either mach2 or mach3, and try to run the program in mach3, it goes wrong. The toolpath while the tool is cutting is ok but the sessions between two cuts becomes big circles around my zeropoint of the object. Also i don´t know if it is supposed to be like this but i can´t see the object, only the toolpath, witch is blue when cutting and purple when making the circles around zero.
Thanks all
Re: HSMWORKS MACH3 problems
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2012, 09:43:50 PM »
I'm also new to both solidworks and HSMWorks Express. Here are my notes for milling a circular trough. In all three cases the simulation in HSMworks looked right

When the job was setup as a "Circular" or a "Boar", the gcode would run one circle in the xz plane, one circle in the xy plane at the around the origin of the correct size, then all other circles were much too big.
When the job was setup as a Slot: worked correctly, where all the cutting was in the correct xy plane, the right amount of z movement.

I don't understand why these were rendered differently or how to correct it. I suspect there is a flaw in the CPS file (this file has all the configuration and logic for translating the CAM route path into gcode)

Also I still don't understand how to relocate my origin to match where I'd like to zero the machine. I've tried all the Coordinate Systems and have attempted moving the drawing so it lines up with x0y0. Either I'm missing something obvious, the software is broken, or it doesn't work.