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Author Topic: Mach2 Mill One Hotkey for 2 Axis  (Read 2819 times)

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Mach2 Mill One Hotkey for 2 Axis
« on: December 03, 2012, 02:27:09 PM »
Hello Forum,
at first i want to excuse for my bad english. I'm austrian..

Im in a CNC-course for now 2 months and me AND my teacher got a problem.
How the heck i can setup, that with one button (as example the UP-arrow) adds up two axis (like X and Y).
A friend of mine said, this is only possible with a controller device, is this right?

I am very thankful for every hint or anything. Even when you know a tutorial with 100 of sites, i would read threw it.

I hope i don't claim too much :(
And also thanks in advance for every help :)