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Author Topic: Can't get the limits to work even though they show as working in the diagnostic  (Read 1630 times)

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I have just fitted mach3 to a engraver now I am having problems getting the homing set up. I have omron sensors controlling a relay for each axis. I have programed it as inputs 10 - 12. When I switch to the diagnostic screen I can see the limits operating correctly, but the steppers won't stop.
If I set up a zero position I can get it to go back to zero, but if I go to home everything moves in the right direction but just won't stop.

The other issue I have is that z axis moves last not first, can this be changed? Or is the only way to change the drive connection?
They must be correct because when I tune the motors they all are in correct order and move in the correct direction?


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Sounds like you only have the Home switch settings set in Mach and not the Limits.
If you set a safe Z then when you do a Go to Zero the  Z wll move up  first then X and Y then Z will move back down.