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Author Topic: How to build External motion controller via ethernet for mach3 with plugin  (Read 7915 times)

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Hi every one
i'm working on plugin making for mach3 with VS2008 (C++) to connect it to a external
motion controller that i'm building for it with Arm based Microcontrollers.
this device will connect via Ethernet porotocol to plugin and i wish to design it for Close Loop
motion control.
i'm at the start of this way and need your help to complite it.

my questions are according bellow :

1: how to increase speed of axises in "motor tuning" upper than parallel port frequency (because parallel port in this project is out of order),
exactly i don't know which function in what rutine must be used in plugin.

2: how to synchronize the execute mach3 path and block with external device current position that is counting.

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Hi karimi,

I was wondering if you got anywhere with this or if it die off?

I've also been thinking of something similar, but having difficulty finding any documentation on the ethernet port for mach3
Re: How to build External motion controller via ethernet for mach3 with plugin
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i'm working on ethernet controller for mach3 to build one same as Smoothstepper and have writen codes for ethernet connection
in VC++ 2008 and for Microcontroller.
i succeeded to drive I/O , Home , Limits and all of DRO ,Buttuns ,Mpg and jog motion.
So now i'm trying to run Auto Position Control
if any one help me to finish it, i so give him my experience

good luck

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Pokeys have a cheap hardware for controlling 3,4 and 8 axes with eth port. Find pokeys in San google and enjoy.

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