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(CHAD) the Grex Answer Man
« on: January 18, 2007, 11:51:12 PM »
This will help with the confusion
Can you move the old Grex posts
from General area to this location

and Wow i did not realize that the yahoo forum
was that popular I received 95 messages today alone.
Is there a way to copy important yahoo post answers to this location as well
See you give an inch we try to take a mile
oh yea could you also change your group Pic to display what mood you are in. 8)
You always have that big thumbs up like you would go 100 miles! ;)
then i could tell when i was asking for To Much    LOL  ;D
Mile2  ???
Art mentioned something on yahoo board
 about a special licence for g100 plug-in
Is this going to be priced different than Mach3
 or in addition to the cost of mach3.

Also have you heard this before
Mach3 +g100 works fine when jogging the axises
but when do MDI GCODE input  like Y1
it will move Y & Z  1 inch
Also setting calibration of xyz steps per inch
my settings change,
Y0-1 is OK when i do Y1 again it goes
More then 1 inch like 1.6
Then if i do Y2 it will move Y 3 or 4 inches
What am i doing wrong.

I will do more testing Friday and sat to verify

Chad could you post your XML setup
for GRex so i have a reference

Ninty seven more miles to go, ;)
Ninty seven more miles to go, :D
Knock one problem down and pass the info around  ::)
  8) just had to see what the teletype does  Thanks Chad BBye 8)

Re: (CHAD) the Grex Answer Man
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2007, 03:13:12 PM »

I'm a hobbist new to CNC machining. I have a new Industial hobbies mill, a CNC conversion kit for same, and a G-Rex. I've been reading all the posts that I can find about the G-Rex. To date, I've never replied to any post, but I would like to get involved. Yours seems a good place to start because I'm interested testing and finding the G-Rex idiosyncrasies.

I'm interested in any information that you may have reguarding the G-Rex.

Thank you,

Dan Gagne
Re: (CHAD) the Grex Answer Man
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2007, 12:47:44 AM »
How much did the mill cost you
looks nice
Who's cnc kit you using
I am testing mine on a little 3 axis robot
purchased on ebay for 300 bucks
Do you think you will have to change your ball screws
or is that mill precision enough
I purchased a enco mill to convert to cnc
but needs to be modified first for precision
So i put it on the back burner and decided to
mess with a routing table first
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Re: (CHAD) the Grex Answer Man
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2007, 12:22:06 PM »
I purchased the mill October of 2005 for $2400.00 from http://www.industrialhobbies.com/.
I used it and became comfortable with its operation (also bracing for the financial shock of purchasing the conversion kit). During that time I stripped the mill down, and per Industrial Hobbies (Aaron Moss) recommendation, I lapped all the ways using successively finer lapping compound to remove the roughness (the mill is Chinese).

 I purchased the conversion kit November 2006. The kit included replacement ball screws and nuts. The only thing remaining of the original mill is the chassis, column, slides, table, and gear head.

I have the X and Y axis ball screws installed. The retrofitted Z-axis slide returns from Industrial Hobbies tomorrow. Aaron modifies the original lead screw mount to accept a ballnut and cleaning brush. I should have that axis completed within the week.

There was no choice about replacing the lead screws. Lash in the existing screws was several thousands of an inch. The ball screws/ball nuts that I have in hand have no measurable lash.(at least not with the tools that I have). The X and Y axes have dual preloaded ball nuts, the Z-axis is a double circuit.

I went on the web looking at your Enco mill. Its a clean looking machine. Have you built a table for it? What type of drive system does it have?

In keeping with the theme of this thread, here are comments related to the G-Rex and Mach3

I've been practicing with Mach3/G100 plugin and the G-Rex trying to break one or both. The ethenet connection is fast and convenient.
I've taken to poking at the G-Rex with the two computers that I have on the network to see if I can trip it up. So far the G-Rex nor Mach3 have made a mistake in control. G-Rex control is easily passed back and forth between the computers by merely going to the plugin screen and restarting.

G-Rex documentation is lacking, so I've started some of my own. It's in Microsoft Word format. I plagiarize the Gecko documentation some, but I've added findings and some assumptions based on my experiments. I'd like to get inputs from other users and distill it to a useful manual aimed at Mach3.
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Re: (CHAD) the Grex Answer Man
« Reply #4 on: January 30, 2007, 01:09:19 AM »
Hi guys, i am sorry for the delay i have been very busy lately and the big mill broke. I will try to answer some questions tomorrow.