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Author Topic: Get a pierce but no axis move  (Read 5030 times)

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Re: Get a pierce but no axis move
« Reply #10 on: September 17, 2012, 05:15:30 PM »
The person that can help you the most is the person that built the machine and setup the software for you. He is the only one that will understand how all of what you have works. I have seen this done dozens of ways and setup up as many ways. It can involve macros ,brains,plugins and CAM posts. They all have to work together in the correct way.

One thing that is odd is the BoBcad post does NOT set the feedrate for the cut. IF the FR is set on zero then you go nowhere after the arc starts. Also the travel height is set way to low and may cause you to ripp off the head sometime. Been there done that one.  I normally run the travel /Rapid height at 1". Then move down to .5" to start the TOM routine(G31/G28.1)then down to pierce height and last down to cut height.

There is no doffence in performance between the G28.1 and G31 routines. There are a few advantages of the G31 but both will work fine for the job at hand.

There are many things that can effect a plasma machine.  Not knowing exactly how your machine is setup it is VERY HARD for us to make anything other than guesses at this point.

Just a thought, (;-)
Re: Get a pierce but no axis move
« Reply #11 on: September 17, 2012, 08:30:15 PM »
Thanks for the look.

The company that sold me the table, Gecko 540 drive, THC and BobCad software.....He is no help what so ever. His response to me has been "I onle offer tech support on what I build, not on what I sell"

Set up; this company does not even give an setup illustration on putting the machine together. It had=s been a fight all the way.  This should tell you there really has been no setup other than what I have done in my un-qualified way.

I do set the feed with BobCad. I set this at 100 ipm.

I will set my Rapid to 1", Thanks.

I was told by another person that I should set my pierce at .09 and to raise my volts to about 112-115 because I slowed the ipm. by 20.

This sound right to you?

 Thanks for your input.
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Re: Get a pierce but no axis move
« Reply #12 on: September 17, 2012, 09:02:00 PM »
With the A40 I can tell you that if it's piercing and not moving, it is because it has no arc transfer signal.  That could be a problem with the THC, could be you are piercing too high or could be you have too much pierce delay.  You won't need any pierce delay on material less than 3/16".  The arc OK signal from the plasma passes through the THC, so I'd go down that path.  The issue raising up during a cut would also be a THC thing. 

.09 on the pierce height is too low.  We pierce all day long at .2" at 40 amps.  When the consumable get worn I may have to drop to .18.  When you pierce real low, you just blow slag back on the tip and waste it.  What are you cutting?  How fast?  How much current?

You need to hit up ProCut for some support.  They took your money.  They need to figure our why it's not working properly.  It may be an issue with the table or it may be something you're doing wrong.  Without knowing their product, it's difficult to make that call.

Re: Get a pierce but no axis move
« Reply #13 on: September 18, 2012, 10:37:08 AM »
I have not made any change to the pierce ht. yet.  I will try both.  Thermal Dynamics says .18.  Others have told me that is too high, that is why I have dropped to .16, then was advised to the .09.  ???

I am cutting 14 ga. at 100 ipm. and at 105 V.

The same person that told me to go to .09 also told me that because I dropped 20 ipm. from the chart I also had to raise my volts to 112-115. Is this right.  I dropped the ipm. because of dross buildup that was hard and the A40 manual called it high speed dross.  Any thoughts on this.

Thanks for the reply
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