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Author Topic: need help and advice on conversion project-motors/drives/mach3 tuning  (Read 2217 times)

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I seem to be going around in circles.

I am working a converting a benchtop mill (PM 20) to cnc. MY neighbor friend and I are working on a kind of challenge. He is converting a Grizzly 704. They seem to be the same mill for the most part.

I am a hobbyist and don't know that much about electronics. I have Mach 3. I have used on another project... (I converted an old Dyna2400 to run from MACH3, but it does have much power).

So, I bought a new benchtop mill. added new ball screws.

I have C10 board, Keling drivers; x/y nema 23 5.6 v motors; z is nema 34 6.0 v motor.

First off; I went to Automation Technologies which had "kit" containing 2 nema 23 and 2 nema 34 motor with keling 5056d driver (x2), and keling 8070d (x1) driver; and 48 volt power supply.

I called to ask if the 48 v power supply was sufficient for the nema 34. The person I spoke with explained that it would be a little under power and I would loose a little torque on z. I said I would prefer to not be under powered and it was suggested that I get a 50 v power supply instead. so I did that.

Finally got things wired up. But then seemed to get over-voltage on the 5056d drivers. So I called Auto Tech and spoke with person again. The person I spoke with said that I could use the keling 8056d drives for x/y instead of 5056d drives.

Ok, I did that. I try this out tonite.

Seems to work ok for the most part, however, it seems like the motors are getting very hot. Do I still need to go to a lower voltage power supply? What causes motors to get hot? What causes drivers to get warms?

Also, I am not sure I am getting motor tuning right. I can not get z to move very fast and get "grinding" like sound when moving axis. I get good speed and "sound" ok on x/y when jogging test direction, but get "grinding" like sound with running a sample program.

oh, running windows xp.

I would appreciate any insight or help with getting the right components and configuration.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: need help and advice on conversion project-motors/drives/mach3 tuning
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2012, 02:36:49 AM »
Hi Homer,

Your stepper motors should be running warm to the touch but not so hot that you cant hold your hand on them. If they are running too hot then reduce the current setting to your motors (voltage is OK).

As for the stalling (squealing) - you need to reduce your Velocity and Acceleration setting in the Motor Tuning section and then 'Save Axis Settings' - Try using a velocity 30% less than you currently have set.