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Author Topic: DUOLOOP Configuration, Please Help!  (Read 1677 times)

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DUOLOOP Configuration, Please Help!
« on: August 14, 2012, 11:44:00 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I want to program my machine with less number inputs and creating what is known as a "DuoLoop" configuration.

Right now I have

g0 g21 g90 g50 g80 f100
g0 z0 g0 x0 y0
m98 p1 l10
g0 x0

g91 g1 z-.5 f50
g1 x-50 f200
g1 y-2
g1 x0
g1 y-4
g1 x-50
g1 y-6
g1 x0
......ETC until .
g1 y-16
g1 x50

g91 g1 z-.5 f50  (gcode for z movement repeat)

Then I have a gCode for a reverse direction..
g1 x28 f200
g1 y-16
g1 x0
and etC...

I was wondering instead of writing out all these numbers is there a way to put in a Gcode where I only have to use


and repeating this step continuously? I'm constantly changing my values and it gets restless going back and changing every number.

PLEASE HELP! Not sure what Gcode I use for this