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Problem with GetRPM()
« on: August 08, 2012, 02:15:31 PM »

I'm writing a plugin for Mach3, and I have an error with this line:

xyzDemoDialog->textBoxS->Text = GetRPM().ToString("F4");

I take the XYZTutor and I created a new textBox for read the speed spindle. I wrote some code like
SetGetDRO or DoubleShort GetDRO for GetRPM, but Mach3 give me an error 9988 and 9911 when I open It (if
i comment xyzDemoDialog->textBoxS->Text = GetRPM().ToString("F4"); this error disappears).

All relationated with GetRPM in the code, have this line commented:

I attach the program.

I need help, a lot of thanks.